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1Closed (Fixed)makeglossaries (Perl)Does not work with subdirectories
2Openjpgfdraw/jdrview/jdrutilsproblem with transparency
3Closed (Fixed)glossariesxindy can't find module for language german
4Closed (Fixed)glossaries\nopostdesc 'ignored' if not protected (sanitize=none)
5Closed (Fixed)glossariesAdditional vertical space above glossary heading
8Closed (Duplicate)glossaries\nopostdesc with sanitize={description=false}
9Closed (Fixed)datatoolSpurious spaces in \DTLloaddb
10Closed (Not a Bug)glossariescross-referencing not as described
11Closed (Fixed)datatooltypo in source (should be \PackageError instead of \PackageErrors))
12Closed (Fixed)datatoolBug when glossaries laded before datatool
13Closed (Fixed)datetimename-clash (\ifleapyear / \@modulo) with macros of packages datetime and datenumber
14Openjpgfdraw/jdrview/jdrutilsJava not found - program cannot be started on Windows
15Closed (Fixed)datatoolDTLgetvalueforkey fails when key=0
16Closed (Fixed)glossaries\pagenumbering causes an error in \printglossaries
17Closed (Fixed)glossariesnohypertypes option not recognized
18Closed (Migrated)datatoolxkeyval incompatibility
20Closed (Fixed)datatoolError if \DTLnewdbentry's third argument is an empty macro
21Openmakeglossaries (Perl)makeglossaries error on Windows due to long username or accented character in it
22Closed (Fixed)datetimeSpurious spaces with some babel languages
23Closed (Not a Bug)datatoolOnly the second row works not the first
24Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesproblem with glossaries and pdf bookmark
25Closed (Duplicate)glossariesoption nohypertypes not recognized
26Closed (Fixed)glossariesSpurious parentheses with smallcaps option
27Closed (Fixed)glossariesInput of babel.sty in ltxdoc documentclass (.dtx) files
28Closed (Fixed)glossaries\Glsentry... doesn't work in arguments of sectionning commands
33Closed (Fixed)makeglossaries (Perl)$istfile double-quote checking needs modification for xdy (xindy) files - Solution Provided
34Closed (Fixed)glossariessmallcaps option won't allow aac acronym
35Closed (Fixed)fmtcountspurious space (?), ordinals in different languages
37Closed (Fixed)glossariesacronym longplural form not used in footnotes
38Closed (Fixed)glossariesLast displayed glossary entry's hanging indentation gets lost with index style
39Closed (Not a Bug)glossariesif hyperref is loaded before glossaries then the subscript size is wrong
40Closed (Fixed)glossaries\textup on plural not applied with smallcaps and garmondx font
41Closed (Fixed)glossaries\si macro (from siunitx) doesn't work

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