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ID 76🔗
Date: 2014-12-19 04:18:58
Status Closed (Not a Bug)
Category glossaries
Version 4.12
Summary Nested glossary items fail when capitalizing

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When nesting glossary items, capitalization functions (\Gls, \Glspl, etc) fail when the nested glossary item is the first word. In the MWE notice how PFS works but HTTPS fails.


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\newacronym{fs}{FS}{forward secrecy}
\newacronym{pfs}{PFS}{perfect \gls{fs}}
\newacronym{http}{HTTP}{Hypertext Transfer Protocol}
\newacronym{https}{HTTPS}{\gls{http} Secure}


This isn't a bug but a documented feature of \makefirstuc. From the glossaries manual (section 6.1):

For the former [\Gls], the uppercasing of the first letter is performed by \makefirstuc. For further details, including its limitations, see the mfirstuc user manual.
From the mfirstuc user manual:
The glossaries bundle includes the package mfirstuc which provides the command:
This makes the first object of ⟨stuff⟩ uppercase unless ⟨stuff⟩ starts with a control sequence followed by a non-empty group, in which case the first object in the group is converted to uppercase.
In this case the first object of ⟨stuff⟩ is \gls so the uppercasing is applied to the argument, which fails because the argument is a label.



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