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It can take me a long time to deal with feature requests for free software, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to incorporate your request, but when I do a major update for the particular package or application, I'll look into it. Please note, this form is for requesting new features. Don't use it if you simply want to know how to do something. Instead, post your question to a relevant newsgroup, forum or similar site. Before using this form, please consider the following:

Adding a new feature isn't just a simple matter of inserting a few new lines of code. The package has to be thoroughly tested to ensure the new code doesn't break existing features. For a package with a high number of options (such as glossaries) this can be quite time consuming.

If the relevant class, package or application isn't listed, then it's not open to feature requests. Feature requests for glossaries or datetime2 language modules should be made to the maintainer. If there's no active maintainer, you can volunteer to take over the maintenance using the contact form.

Please check the Feature Tracker to see if your request has already been made.

You may cross-reference another feature request using the "Link to feature request(s)" field (optional).

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Is the feature request for an application or a LaTeX Package/Class?