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ID 157🔗
Submitted by: Nicola Talbot 🦜
Date: 2020-03-26 11:39:10
Status Closed (Fixed)
Category jmlr
Version 1.26
Summary subfigure and subtable references produce extraneous text

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The extra text produced following the reference is the counter name (subfigure or subtable). This is a result of the change in definition of the \p@... commands in the LaTeX kernel (in this case \p@subfigure and \p@subtable). The definitions of \@subfigurelabel and \@subtablelabel need to ignore a third argument with new versions of LaTeX.


Download (494B)



Reference \figureref{fig:ex-a} and \tableref{tab:ex-b}.

{\caption{Sample Figure}}% caption

{\caption{Sample Table}}% caption


Fixed in v1.27, which now has a check for the LaTeX kernel version to determine whether \@subfigurelabel and \@subtablelabel need a third argument.



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