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ID 61🔗
Date: 2014-05-16 04:08:29
Status Closed (Fixed)
Category datetime
Version v2.59
Summary Wrong date format if datenumber is loaded after datetime
Cross Ref 13

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The date format is wrong when datetime and datenumber are used at the same time, datenumber being loaded after datetime.

As can be tested with the joined MWE:


Download (620B)


\section{Package datenumber}
  \item \setdate{2015}{1}{21}
  \item \setdate{2015}{1}{22}
  \item \setdate{2015}{1}{23}
  \item \setdate{2015}{1}{31}

\section{Package datetime}
\item \newdate{21}{21}{1}{2015}
\item \newdate{22}{22}{1}{2015}
\item \newdate{23}{23}{1}{2015}
\item \newdate{31}{31}{1}{2015}


  ! You can't use `the character 2' after \advance.
  <argument> 2
  l.21   \item \setdate{2015}{1}{21}
I can't reproduce this error with your mwe (with either package ordering). My log file shows new package versions for some of the dependent packages (such as fmtcount) so it's possible this issue was with one of those packages.

21st, 22nd, 23rd and 31st by datenumber, as (almost) expected with UKenglish; - 21^{th}, 22^{th}^{}, 23^{th} and 31^{th} by datetime, and that's wrong.
Why is this wrong? This is the default behaviour of datetime. The two packages are completely independent. The settings of one don't influence the settings of the other. If you don't want the superscript, just use the level package option:
Since this produces the expected format without error in v2.60 I'll just closed this. Note that v2.60 is the last version of datetime.sty, which has now been replaced with datetime2.sty.



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