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ID 49🔗
Date: 2013-12-19 05:33:25
Status Closed (Not a Bug)
Category glossaries
Version 4.02
Summary \Glsentry... don't give the expected result in bookmarks

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Page 76 of glossaries' documentation, it is advised to use commands listed in Section 9 (such as \glsentrytext) in the arguments of sectioning commands. As poined out by the joined MWE, that works with \glsentry... commands but not with their "first letter upper case" counterparts \Glsentry...: the corresponding bookmarks contain only the entries' labels.


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\newglossaryentry{foo}{name=name of foo,description=description of foo}


Section 9 states:

Commands that aren't expandable will be ignored by PDF bookmarks, so you will need to provide an alternative via hyperref's \texorpdfstring if you want to use them in sectioning commands. (This isn't specific to the glossaries package.) See the hyperref documentation for further details. All the commands that convert the first letter to upper case aren't expandable.
and below the definition of \glsentrytext and \Glsentrytext it states:
These commands display the subsequent use text for the glossary entry given by <label>, as specified by the text key. \Glsentrytext makes the first letter upper case. The first form is expandable (unless the text contains unexpandable commands). The second form is not expandable.
so it's not a bug but a documented feature, but I will add a reminder to that this only applies to the non-case changing commands.



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