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ID 174🔗
Submitted by: Fiore Finto
Date: 2021-06-19 07:51:20
Status Closed (Not a Bug)
Category glossaries-extra
Version 1.45
Summary Default to \setabbreviationstyle[acronym]{long-short}

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From a user perspective adding glossaries-extra package "breaks" existing acronym first use expansion from the main glossaries package. Reading the fine manual reveals that one needs to add \setabbreviationstyle[acronym]{long-short} to migrate properly, so this should be the default.

I only needed \printunsrtglossary and I was surprised to see the acronyms' behavior change (I did not know about the redefinition of \newacronym yet). I wrongly assumed that I do not use any of the new acronym code. RTFM helped, I guess, since I did not think about styles at all (I also skipped the parts about style several times, since I thought style is a question of small caps/slanted font and not about expansion on first use or not).
It is something to stumble over and had me invest quite some time in finding a bug in the first use logic that was not there.


Download (350B)

%\usepackage{glossaries-extra} % Add this line and \gls does not expand anymore
%\RestoreAcronyms % one-size-fits-all solution, not recommended
%\setabbreviationstyle[acronym]{long-short} % recommended
\newacronym{bug}{BUG}{back up generator}


This isn’t a bug as it works as documented. Changing the default behaviour will break existing documents that rely on the documented default.

The main reason for having a different default style for the acronym category was intended to draw the users attention to the fact that abbreviations behave differently from the base package (for example, \glsxtrshort etc must be used instead of \acrshort).

I will add a note to the start of the glossaries-extra user manual (in the next update) to emphasize that there are different defaults.



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