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ID 163🔗
Date: 2020-06-23 09:21:26
Status Closed (Not a Bug)
Category glossaries
Version 4.43
Summary Inverted crossref (see and seealso) behavior

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It seems cross-references (i.e. "see" and "seealso" attributes of glossaryentries) are inverted (relative behavior of \gls) when building the glossary. Example: These glossary entries exist and are referencing each other in the following way: Output in glossary: Expected output in glossary: See fuller description at [TeX.SX Link]


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        description={Item 1 see}
        description={Item 1 seealso}
        description={Item 1 gls}
        description={Item2 2, not like \gls{item1gls} at all.},
        description={Item 3 see},
        description={Item 3 seealso},

  I reference \gls{item2}, but none of the others directly in the text.




This is the documented behaviour of the see and seealso keys. The description of the see key in chapter 4 of the glossaries user manual starts as follows (emphasis in the original):

see Cross-reference another entry. Using the see key will automatically add this entry to the glossary, but will not automatically add the cross-referenced entry.
As mentioned in the glossaries manual, the see key essentially provides a convenient shortcut that performs
\glssee[tag]{label}{xr-label list}
after the entry has been defined. It's this command that performs the indexing.

If you want to avoid this automatic indexing, consider using bib2gls instead, which provides much better handling of these cross-references.



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