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ID 37🔗
Date: 2013-08-13 18:42:14
Status Closed (Fixed)
Category glossaries
Version 3.04
Summary acronym longplural form not used in footnotes
OS Gentoo Linux kernel 3.8.13

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When using the 'footnote' option, the footnote text for plural acronym references using \glspl{xyz} are formed by the addition of 's' rather than using a defined longplural alternative. If the footnote option is not used the correct behaviour is observed. (Comment/uncomment lines 2/3 in the example to see).


Download (442B)

\newacronym[longplural={areas of outstanding natural beauty}]{AONB}{AONB}{area of outstanding natural beauty}

\item \glspl{AONB}
\item \gls{AONB}
\item \glsplural{AONB}
\item \glsfirst{AONB}
\item \glsfirstplural{AONB}
\item \Glsfirst{AONB}
\item \Glsfirstplural{AONB}


This bug is now fixed in version 3.09a (experimental release). Once the new version has stabilized I'll upload it to CTAN.

Update 2013-11-14

I've now uploaded glossaries version 4.0 to CTAN.



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