Experimental Code

This page sometimes contains experimental code provided for testing purposes only. The code here comes with NO WARRANTY. There is no guarantee that future releases will be compatible with the code here.

Any links on this page to zip, pdf or jar files are transitory. If you want to share or otherwise reference them, provide a link to this page (dickimaw-books.com/expl) rather than to the files as the links will break when the files are removed.

datatool v2.43a 2023-12-03

This is an unstable experimental version for testing purposes. (The actual release will be version 3.0.) Some files are missing. DO NOT overwrite your existing datatool installation. Unpack the files to a test directory. New commands and options may be changed before v3.0 is finalised.

Download datatool-2_43a.zip (4.50M).

Missing files: databib.sty, all rollback files, documented code (although the documentation is within the *.sty files as comments but the dtx and ins files are missing), and source code for the user manual. Source code for the examples in the manual are embedded in the PDF as attachments. If your PDF viewer supports attachments, it should provide you with a way of extracting the files.

The archive includes additional datatool-*.ldf files that will be distributed as a separate package (datatool-english) when datatool v3.0 is released.

The user guide is incomplete.