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ID 59🔗
Date: 2014-05-04 15:05:35
Status Closed (Not a Bug)
Category datetime
Version 2.59
Summary Spurious comma in French long and short dates

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With `french` option of the `babel`'s package, there is a spurious comma in long and short dates, as pointed out by the joined MWE.


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\item[Correct:] \today
\item[Not correct:] \shortdate\today
\item[Not correct:] \longdate\today


This is a documented feature of the \longdate and \shortdate commands. The datetime package was originally designed to replace the ukdate package and the original declarations \longdate, \shortdate and \textdate were all hard-coded for British English. Later, datetime was made compatible with babel, but only to the extent of preventing babel's \date<language> commands from overwriting datetime's definition of \today. The replacement datetime2.sty is being designed as a language/region-aware package and the language modules should provide abbreviations for the given region as appropriate.



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