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ID 134🔗
Date: 2019-08-31 17:58:18
Status Closed (Can Not Implement)
Category tracklang
Version 1.3.6
Summary tracklang doesn't work with newer babel (\babelprovide)
Cross Ref 135

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(I couldn't find a category for tracklang and so took the glossaries-extra) newer versions of babel allow to declare the languages after the loading of the package with \babelprovide. tracklang doesn't recognize this. babel also knows now a language nil, but tracklang errors with it.


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(I've moved this bug report to the new tracklang category and changed the version number to 1.3.6, which is the tracklang version shown in the supplied log file.)

The mispelt \AddTrackedLangage error is fixed in version 1.3.7, so unknown languages should now trigger a warning rather than an error. This bug is therefore already fixed.

Version 1.3.8 now defines the undetermined “und” language and defines “nil” as a dialect of that language.

As when used with polyglossia, if tracklang.sty can't pick up the correct localisation from the language package the language(s) will need to be passed to tracklang through package options or explicitly tracked using commands provided in tracklang.tex.

Update 2020-03-02: Since babel doesn't currently provide a list of languages that have been loaded with \babelprovide, there's no way for tracklang (or any other package) to simply access that information. I will therefore have to close this as “can't implement” until babel provides an easy way of detecting which languages have been loaded with that command.



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