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ID 251🔗
Date: 2023-04-22 22:59:40
Last update: 2023-04-25 09:25:32
Status Closed (Fixed)
Category glossaries-extra
Version 1.50
Summary All-cap abbreviations lead to undefined control sequence when used chapters/sections of books

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The MWE uses the three macros \glsfmtname, \Glsfmtname, and \GLSfmtname to access small cap/all cap/etc. versions of an abbrevation. The use of the all cap version \GLSfmtname gives an error when \GLSfmtname tries to use the macro \GLSxtrtitlename.
But this does not happen always, only under two conditions, as far as I can tell: 1) The document class has to be e.g. book or scrbook (I also tried article and didn't observe it). 2) There has to be at least one \chapter or \section or similar in the document, otherwise it compiles just fine.

I posted this as a question on TeX.SE and one other guy had the same behavior, so I'm reasonably sure that it might be a bug. (see if relevant)


Download (252B)

\newabbreviation{xxx}{asa}{a simple abbreviation}

%\chapter{A chapter}
\section{A section}






Yes it is a bug. Thank you. It will be fixed in v1.51. The patch suggested in the TeX.SE answer will work in the meantime.

Update: fixed in v1.51 (2023-04-24). Please allow a few days for the new version to make it into your TeX distribution.



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