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ID 139🔗
Submitted by: Nicola Talbot 🦜
Date: 2019-12-05 15:14:51
Status Closed (Fixed)
Category glossaries-extra
Version 1.41
Summary Prefix commands with record option don't write records to aux file

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Commands provided by glossaries-prefix.sty (such as \pgls) aren't writing records to the aux file with the record option.


Download (231B)



Test: \pgls{lorem}.


I've logged this problem here under glossaries-extra following the original report logged on bib2gls issue tracker on GitHub. Since the problem only occurs with glossaries-extra combined with bib2gls, these are the two most likely places people will look if they encounter the problem. However the problem is actually in glossaries-prefix.sty (distributed with glossaries.sty) which doesn't take glossaries-extra's record option into account.

This has now been fixed in glossaries-prefix.sty v4.44 (2019-12-06), so you need to update the base glossaries distribution if you encounter this problem.



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