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ID 154🔗
Submitted by: Nicola Talbot 🦜
Date: 2020-03-15 18:59:36
Status Closed (Not a Bug)
Category datatool
Version 2.32
Summary \switchargs isn't taken into account when sorting

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The datatool user manual provides an example that uses a custom command called \switchargs to alter the sorting. This no longer produces the desire order.


Download (566B)

% arara: pdflatex



\caption{Student Scores (sorting ignores \texttt{\textbackslash switchargs})}\centering
\bfseries Surname &
\bfseries First Name &
\bfseries Score (\%)%
\surname & \firstname & \score}



This change in behaviour was caused by the bug fix strange behavior of \dtlcompare. It's now necessary to use \dtlcompareskipcstrue for this example to work. The user manual will be corrected in the next version.



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