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45 reports found. Showing results 1–45.

#107 2016-04-26 glossaries-extra
using \glsfmtshortpl only shows the singular short version in text. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#110 2016-05-03 glossaries-extra
postfootnote and long-em styles conflict. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#113 2016-08-14 glossaries-extra
\RestoreAcronyms throw errors Undefined control sequence \gls. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#117 2016-12-16 glossaries-extra
Uppercase abbreviations becomes pluralised. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#119 2017-02-07 glossaries-extra
\glsdisp hangs. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#120 2017-02-08 glossaries-extra
incorrect alias target name when using \glshyperlink (and therefore also \glsseeformat). Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#138 2019-11-05 glossaries-extra
Superfluous comma printed. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#139 2019-12-05 glossaries-extra
Prefix commands with record option don't write records to aux file. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#140 2020-01-16 glossaries-extra
long-short-sc style ⇒ \acrlong in small caps. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#142 2020-01-23 glossaries-extra
acronym/acronyms package option interferes with abbreviation styles. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#143 2020-01-26 glossaries-extra
Plural suffix not converted to uppercase with \GLSpl for some styles. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#144 2020-01-26 glossaries-extra
insertdots attribute has stopped including the spacefactor. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#145 2020-01-26 glossaries-extra
record=nameref causes undefined \glslabel when \gls used in equation. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#147 2020-02-07 glossaries-extra
Space missing between name and location with tree-like styles when no description or symbol. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#148 2020-02-07 glossaries-extra
Inappropriate penalty for headerless group tree styles. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#150 2020-02-11 glossaries-extra
\glsentry... commands in section headings causes an error with undefaction=warn (or record) option. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#152 2020-02-28 glossaries-extra
Infinite loop caused by \glslabel in \glsxtrentryfmt. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#155 2020-03-20 glossaries-extra
Modified alttree style provided by glossaries-extra-stylemods duplicates description. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#156 2020-03-21 glossaries-extra
indexonlyfirst doesn't work with bib2gls. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#158 2020-04-01 glossaries-extra
Modified treenoname style provided by glossaries-extra-stylemods duplicates description. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#161 2020-05-26 glossaries-extra
Possible incompatibility with totcount (\newtotcounter) or other macros/packages. Closed (Migrated) 🔗
#171 2021-01-06 glossaries-extra
glossaries-extra does not recognise glossaries commands. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#174 2021-06-19 glossaries-extra
Default to \setabbreviationstyle[acronym]{long-short}. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#175 2021-06-22 glossaries-extra
Spurious space with hyperoutside being false. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#176 2021-09-14 glossaries-extra
Last displayed topic subitem has invalid indentation. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#181 2021-09-19 glossaries-extra
stylemods alttree introduces space at the start of descriptions. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#182 2021-09-20 glossaries-extra
topic style doesn't retain hangindent for multi-paragraph descriptions. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#185 2021-10-08 glossaries-extra
Undefined control sequence \s@GlsXtrIfFieldNonZero. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#190 2021-11-18 glossaries-extra
hypergroup, \glsnavhyperlinkname and targetnameprefix don't work together. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#192 2021-11-28 glossaries-extra
Undefined control sequences with \mgls and bib2gls. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#193 2021-12-01 glossaries-extra
\Glsxtrhiername fails with child entries. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#194 2021-12-30 glossaries-extra
setting mathrel category gives ordinary spacing instead of mathrel spacing. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#197 2022-02-09 glossaries-extra
Aliases added to the glossary without the main entry and any reference. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#199 2022-02-27 glossaries-extra
xindy call with an empty -C value. Closed (Duplicate) 🔗
#204 2022-06-09 glossaries-extra
glossaries-extra discardperiod and abbreviation long form. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#205 2022-06-10 glossaries-extra
Entry counting and entry resetting. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#206 2022-06-16 glossaries-extra
ActualText for entries with no explicit access value. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#207 2022-07-27 glossaries-extra
wrong page order. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#212 2022-10-20 glossaries-extra
table block-style 'name' shows spurious comma with empty other field. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#213 2022-10-21 glossaries-extra
Extra alignment tab from glossary-table block styles. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#218 2023-02-22 glossaries-extra
\glssetcategoryattribute not working with multiple comma separated attributes. Closed (Not a Bug) 🔗
#220 2023-02-25 glossaries-extra
Undefined control sequence \pretoglossarypreamble. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#251 2023-04-22 glossaries-extra
All-cap abbreviations lead to undefined control sequence when used chapters/sections of books. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#262 2023-06-28 glossaries-extra
mgls records not written to aux file if tikz loaded. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#271 2024-03-25 glossaries-extra
Uppercase macros don't work anymore. Closed (Fixed) 🔗