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Selecting and Editing Objects

selectup.pngIn order to edit an object, you must be in select mode. To do this either click on the select button or use the menu item Tools->Select (Ctrl-P). An object can be selected using any of the following methods:

When an object is selected, a dashed red/grey rectangle will be displayed around it. (This rectangle may optionally have hotspot regions.) Note that individual elements of a group can not be selected independently of the group. When you select a group, you will only see a dashed red/grey rectangle around the bounding box of the group, not around the individual elements of the group.

To deselect an individual object, click on that object whilst depressing the shift key. To deselect all objects, click on an empty part of the canvas, or use Edit->Deselect All (Ctrl+Shift-A). Selecting another tool will also deselect all objects.

In select mode, you can also menu-click to activate the select popup menu. The contents of this menu vary according to what types of objects have been selected, if any (see Figure 8.1).

selectPopupPath selectPopupText selectPopupBitmap selectPopupOther  
 (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)  
Figure 8.1: Popup menus in select mode depend on what objects have been selected: (a) no objects selected; (b) only text-paths have been selected; (c) only paths have been selected; (d) only text areas have been selected; (e) only bitmaps have been selected; (f) groups or a selection of different object types have been selected.

In select mode you can drag and drop JDR or AJR files onto the canvas (provided your operating system supports drag and drop) which will add all the objects from those files to the current image. The new objects will be added to the current selection. You can't drag and drop if a shape is being edited or distorted.

If text is dropped onto the canvas in select mode, the text mappings (not maths mappings) will be applied. If a file is dropped onto the canvas in text- or maths-mode, instead of select mode, the file path (or URI) will be added as a new text area.

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