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  1. My settings aren't remembered.

    Check which option is selected in the Startup Settings tab of the Configure Image Settings dialog. This should be set to Use settings from previous instance if you want the settings remembered from the last time you quit the application. Also check the When loading option in the JDR/AJR Settings tab. If this is set to Apply all settings stored in the file then any settings stored in an image that you load will override the current settings.

  2. Sometimes the canvas doesn't get correctly redrawn after I've loaded an image from a file.

    This is a known bug. Use F11 to force a redraw.

  3. Sometimes lines don't show up.

    If you have a thin line and the magnification is small or you have low resolution, the line may be too thin to show up on your display. Try either using a thicker line style or increasing the magnification.

  4. When I try clicking on the canvas to add a new point, nothing happens.

    Make sure that you are actually clicking and not dragging. (Some touch sensitive mouse pads can mistake a click for a move or drag.) Make sure that you have selected the correct tool.

  5. I tried to select and drag a point, but another point moved.

    When you select the new point, make sure it's highlighted before you try dragging it. The click to select operation is separate to the drag operation.

  6. I tried changing the line/text style but nothing happened.

    Remember to use the Edit->Path and Edit->Text submenus to change the styles for existing objects, and use Settings->Styles for all subsequent new objects.

  7. I tried to create a package based on the flowfram package, but it didn't define some (or all) of my frames.

    Remember to identify each object as a flow frame, a dynamic frame or a static frame. Any object that hasn't been thus identified will not be written to the sty file.

  8. When I exported to a package or class, flowfram complained the option "hide" or "hidethis" isn't available.

    Upgrade to at least version 1.16 of the flowframtk package.

  9. When I exported to a package or class, flowfram complained that I couldn't use \Shapepar.

    Upgrade to at least version 1.16 of the flowframtk package.

  10. I got an error that \Shapepar isn't defined.

    Upgrade to the latest version of the shapepar package.

  11. I get an error when I try to LaTeX a pgfpicture environment created by FlowframTk.

    Remember to include the pgf package. FlowframTk was tested using version 3.0 of the pgf package. It may not work with earlier versions.

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