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Multilingual Support

All the language dependent information is stored in the lib/resources subdirectory of the installation directory. If you want all the menus, tooltips etc in another language, you will need to translate the dictionary file (found in lib/resources/dictionaries/). This has a <key>=<value> format. Only the <value> text should be translated. Note that each <key>=<value> pair must be contained on a single line, so if <value> contains a lot of text, take care if your text editor likes to break lines automatically. Some of the values contain \1, \2, etc. These represent values that are substituted at runtime. The sequence \n indicates a line break needs to be inserted when displaying the string at runtime. (This only works if the text is used in a multi-line component.)

There are three keys (about.translator, about.translator_info and about.translator_url) which can be used to identify yourself as the translator. If the about.translator value is set, the information will be displayed in the Help->About dialog box.

The dictionary file should be named flowframtk-<language>-<country>.prop or flowframtk-<language>.prop (where <country> is an ISO-2 country identifier and <language> is an ISO-2 language identifier) and save it in the resources/dictionaries/ subdirectory of FlowframTk's installation directory. The easiest way to create this file is to copy an existing resource file, for example flowframtk-en-GB.prop, and replace all the text to the right of the equal signs. You will also need to add a line to the resources/encodings.prop file that specifies the file encoding. If you want to add your translation to the next version of FlowframTk, that's great, but this can only be done if you assign a licence that's compatible with FlowframTk's licence. If you want to translate the manual, you need to download FlowframTk's source code and create an alternative to the flowframtk-en-GB.tex or flowframtk-en-US.tex documents.

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