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Export to a Class or Package

The export to class or package function is used when the file filter is set to Class (*.cls) or Package (*.sty) in the export dialog box. This creates a LaTeX class or package that loads the flowfram package. The pgf package is also used to create borders and backgrounds, where required. Note that only the objects that have been identified as static, flow or dynamic frames will be exported.

The early-preamble text is added before the start of the package option declarations, which provides a means to add extra package options, if required. The mid-preamble text will be placed after the class or packages are loaded and the end-preamble text is placed at the end of the class or package. The default preamble is not used.

Any occurrences of \usepackage in the image preamble will be converted to \RequirePackage on export.

If the file name has the extension .cls, a class is assumed, otherwise a package will be created. If a class file is created, the underlying class (loaded with \LoadClass) is as indicated by the document class setting, as described in Setting the Document Class and Normal Font Size.

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