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Exercise 19: Minutes using minutes.sty (Solution)

This is a solution to Exercise 19.


\title{Minutes for 2014}
\author{Dr Bor Ing}


\begin{Minutes}{Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff}
 \subtitle{Annual General Meeting}
 \moderation{Mr Big Head}
 \minutetaker{Dr Bor Ing}
 \participant{Polly Parrot, Mabel Canary}
 \missing[Z\"oe Zebra, Jos\'e Arara]{Dickie Duck, Fred Canary}
% or:
 %\missingNoExcuse{Z\"oe Zebra, Jos\'e Arara}
 %\missingExcused{Dickie Duck, Fred Canary}
 \guest{Prof Important Person}
 \minutesdate{12th March 2014}
 \location{University of Somewhere}
 \cc{Vice Chancellor}


 \subtopic{New Experimental Stuff}
 \task[done]{Mabel Canary}[tomorrow]{Proposal for a time machine}
 \task[pending]{Polly Parrot}{Apply for a ray gun grant}

 \task*{Order a new coffee machine}
 \task*[today]{Remove the \secret{mind-controlling cookies}}

 \topic{Coffee Break}
 \opinion{Keep the coffee break at 11.00am}{Move the coffee break to

  \item[Mabel Canary] We should continue to have coffee at 11:00am.
  \item[Polly Parrot] We should move the coffee break to an earlier

  \pro We've always had coffee at 11:00am. There's no
need to change it.
  \contra 11:00am is too long a wait for the caffeine
  \Pro Coffee at 10:30am would interfere with our clandestine
experiments scheduled at that time.
  \item Prof Important Person said it would be better to have tea
instead of coffee.
  \result The coffee break will continue to be at 11:00am.

 \vote{Maintain coffee at 11am?}{2}{1}{1}
 \vote{Move clandestine experiments to after lunch?}{1}{3}{0}

 \topic{Ray Guns}
 \decisiontheme{Ray Guns}{Should we reverse the polarity of ray guns?}
 \decision{Ray Guns}{The ray gun polarity doesn't need modifying.}
 \decision*{We don't need to reverse the polarity.}%
  [Reversing the polarity is generally considered to be a daft idea.]

 \topic{Any Other Business}
 \task*{There will be a surprise lab inspection.}

\signature{Bor Ing}

Some other information.


Download minutes.tex or minutes.pdf.

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