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Exercise 20: Extending the Maximum enumerate Depth (Solution)

This is a solution to Exercise 20.


% Extended enumerate:


% Make the left margins a bit bigger for levels 5 and 6



\ifnum \@enumdepth > 5\relax
  \expandafter\list\csname label\@enumctr\endcsname{%


% Modify item label formats

% Modify the way the item counters are displayed:


% And for the new extended counters:

\section{Information About Us}

 \item This website is run by the Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff
  (``We'', ``Our''). We operate from the University of Somewhere.

\section{Our Products}

 \item All Products shown on our site are subject to availability.

 \item You may only purchase our products if you are at least 18
  years old.


 \item You are entitled to a refund unless:
   \item you have eaten the mind-controlling cookies;
   \item you have thrown the exploding chocolates;
   \item you have used the ray gun as:
     \item a table chock;
     \item a weapon unless:
         \label{permit}you have a ray gun permit;
       \item you are an extraterrestrial and:
         \item are not a resident of the planet Earth;
         \item have a licence under Galactic Treaty 1024, unless:
          \item you come under Article~24, or
          \item you live on Saturn.

Cross-reference item~\ref{permit}.


Download enumextend.tex or enumextend.pdf.

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