Latest news 2024-02-16: Experimental (unstable) datatool v2.49a available for testing. Download from the experimental page if you would like to try it out.

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I’m currently working on a major new version of the datatool package. This may take a while. Please be patient. (Experimental version available for testing.)

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#115 2016-10-11 tracklang
Trouble with \shellescape. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#134 2019-08-31 tracklang
tracklang doesn't work with newer babel (\babelprovide). Closed (Can Not Implement) 🔗
#135 2019-08-31 tracklang
Misspelt command \AddTrackedLangage. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#165 2020-06-30 tracklang
Error message: ! Extra \else. . Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#209 2022-09-26 tracklang
No longer detects polyglossia languages. Closed (Fixed) 🔗