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I’m currently working on a major new version of the datatool package. This may take a while. Please be patient. (Experimental version available for testing.)

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#141 2020-01-19 jmlr
Issues with very long author names. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#151 2020-02-26 jmlr
twoside does not alternate headers. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#157 2020-03-26 jmlr
subfigure and subtable references produce extraneous text. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#168 2020-10-18 jmlr
Float-only last pages not counted for page numbering. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#170 2020-11-22 jmlr
Incompatibility with cleveref. Closed (Fixed) 🔗
#217 2022-12-22 jmlr
The \propositionref macro is missing. Open 🔗
#273 2024-03-27 jmlr
Setting curr file breaks compilation with images. Open 🔗