Latest news 2024-07-03: Ebook sale (1st – 31st July 2024): short story cybercrime fiction Unsocial Media free; short story cybercrime fiction Smile for the Camera free; short story noir crime fiction I’ve Heard the Mermaid Sing free; crime fiction novel The Private Enemy US$1.99; illustrated children’s story The Foolish Hedgehog US$0.99.

Packages Not Listed in Bug/Feature Report Forms

The reasons why a package may not be listed in the bug report or feature request forms are:

  1. the package code is now on GitHub and you need to use the GitHub issue reporting tool;
  2. I’m no longer supporting the package (check the package listing on CTAN and see if there’s a new maintainer listed);
  3. the package may still be open for bug reports but not for new features;
  4. the package is new and I’ve forgotten to add it to the list (if none of the above seem to apply, contact me for verification).

Packages on GitHub

See list of my GitHub repositories.

Open for Bug Reports but Not Feature Requests

The glossaries package is still maintained, so any bugs will be addressed, but new features will instead be added to the supplemental package glossaries-extra.

Language support packages (other than English) aren’t maintained by me. (They need to be supported by someone who can actually speak the given language.) If they are not currently maintained and you would like to volunteer please contact me.

There are some packages that aren’t open for feature requests, mostly because I don’t have the time to develop them any further. If you would like to volunteer to take over maintenance, please contact me.

Unsupported Packages

The following packages are obsolete and no longer supported: csvtools.sty, glossary.sty and datetime.sty. They have been replaced by datatool, glossaries and datetime2 respectively.

jpgfdraw is now flowframtk.

makejmlrbook (Perl) is deprecated. Use makejmlrbookgui (Java) instead.

jmlrbook and MakeJmlrBookGUI are now obsolete.