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Culinary Experimental Research


Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff\\
University of Somewhere


Department of Stripy Confectioners\\
College of Somewhere Else




\section{Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff}

The Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff is a top-secret laboratory
whose existence is highly classified so don't tell anyone about it
or we'll get really cross with you.

The University of Somewhere denies all knowledge of the Secret Lab
of Experimental Stuff, except on Open Days where members of the
public may visit the facility and ask questions as long as they
consent to a memory wipe when they leave. The memory wipe is
harmless (well, we haven't really tested it properly, but no one's
complained so far) and your memory of the visit will be replaced by
a pleasant recollection of spending the day feeding the ducks in the
nearby pond.


\section{Department of Stripy Confectioners}

The Department of Stripy Confectioners is a department within the
College of Somewhere Else. The department is internationally known
for its cutting-edge research in the field of stripy confectionery,
including humbugs and sticks of rock.

In a spirit of co-operation between the University of Somewhere and
the College of Somewhere Else, a number of the department's faculty
spend half their time feeding ducks in the pond near the University
of Somewhere. The Department of Stripy Confectioners has received a
grant of \pounds1~million from the Ministry of Top Secret Stuff to
purchase the bread crumbs provided by the University of Somewhere.

\section{Mind-Controlling Cookies}

Preliminary tests have shown that the mind-controlling properties of
the mind-controlling cookies are somewhat disappointing, but
critics have said that they taste very nice and could they have
some more bread for the ducks.


 \item Self-raising flour;
 \item Butter;
 \item Chocolate chips;
 \item Sugar obtained from secret genetically modified beet.

\section{Telepathic Cakes}

Preliminary experiments on the telepathic cakes have revealed an
unfortunate side-effect. The full results are in the senior
scientist's head. Telepathy is required to view them. Please read
the full terms and conditions before use.


The ingredients of the telepathic cakes may be obtained
telepathically on consumption of the cake.

\section{Exploding Chocolates}

One of the junior research assistants suffered injuries during the
initial development phase but, after a full and detailed
investigation, the health and safety department observed that there
are also geese present in the duck pond.


\section{Query Form}

If you'd like to know more about the exciting collaboration between
the Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff and the Department of Stripy
Confectioners please fill in your details below and post this slip to:


Miss Ingperson\\
Secret Lab of Experimental Stuff\\
University of Somewhere\\
Some City\\


\Square\ I would like to receive quarterly newsletters.

\Square\ I agree to having my memory wiped.

\Square\ Yes, I'd really like to feed the ducks.


Name: & \dotfill \\
Address: & \dotfill\\
 & \dotfill \\
 & \dotfill \\
 & \dotfill \\
Postcode: & \dotfill\\
Country: & \dotfill\\
Telephone: & \dotfill\\
Mobile: & \dotfill\\
Email: & \dotfill


\section{Research Team}

\item[Administrator] Mr Big Head

\item[Assistant Administrator] Dr Bor Ing

\item[Project Co-ordinator] Mabel Canary

\item[Senior Scientists] Dickie Duck, Polly Parrot

\item[Research Assistants] Z\"oe Zebra, Jos\'e Arara, Fred Canary



The Culinary Experimental Research team would like to thank the


\item[University of Somewhere] For something or other

\item[College of Somewhere Else] For providing bread crumbs

\item[The Ministry of Top Secret Stuff] For supporting the project



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