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5.2 The europecv Class

The europecv class [112] is designed for CVs that follow the common format defined by the European Commission in 2002, but it can also be used for people outside the European Union. By default, this class will display the Europass logo and title, so you will need to include the graphicx package if you want this setting. If you're outside the European Union, you can suppress the Europass logo and title using the class options nologo and notitle:


If you are in the European Union then you also need to switch to narrow Helvetica using the class options helvetica and narrow:


Or if you have Arial installed:


The default paper size is US Letter, so if you want A4 paper, you need to use the a4paper option:


The body of the CV is placed in the europecv environment. So a minimal document that displays the Europass logo can be obtained with:



If you're not writing in English, you can set the language using the class option. This adjusts the predefined text used by europecv but doesn't load babel, so if you need babel (for example, you want to use the hyphenation patterns for your language) you have to load it yourself in the preamble. The europecv class automatically loads the inputenc package with the default input encoding is set to utf8x. If you are using a different input encoding you must set it in the class options. Remember that you also need to load the fontenc package.


If you are writing in French and using Latin 1 encoding:


(babel will pick up the language option from the class option list.)

There are other class options as well, such as totpages, which will print the total number of pages on each page. See the europecv documentation [112] for further details.

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