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5.2.1 Setting Personal Information

Your personal information is specified using commands that are akin to \title and \author. That is the commands just store information, so it's best to use them in the preamble.


Specifies your name.


Specifies your name as it will appear in the footer. If omitted, it will be the same as set by \ecvname.


Specifies your address. The address will line-wrap, but if you want to force a line break you need to use \newline not \\.


Sets your telephone number and optionally mobile phone number.


Specifies your fax number.

\ecvemail{email address}

Specifies your email address.


Specifies your nationality.


Specifies your date of birth.


Specifies your gender.

\ecvpicture[options]{image filename}

Specifies the name of the graphics file that contains an image of yourself. The optional argument are as used by \includegraphics. You can also include text before and after the image using:




Within ⟨text⟩, you may add some vertical space using:


to make some minor adjustments to the picture's position. This command can't be used outside the argument of \ecvbeforepicture or \ecvafterpicture.

Once you have specified all your personal details, as described above, you need to use:


within the europecv environment to display the information (analogous to \maketitle). The optional argument may be used to insert extra vertical space after the personal information section.

Example 26. Personal Information Section (europecv class)

This example uses the me.pdf sample file. You can change it as appropriate.



% Specify personal data:
\ecvname{Polly Parrot}
\ecvaddress{42 The Lane, Some Town, Noshire AB1 2XY, 
United Kingdom} \ecvtelephone[0712345678]{0123456789} \ecvemail{polly.parrot@example.com} \ecvnationality{British} \ecvdateofbirth{1970-12-31} \ecvgender{female} \ecvpicture[width=2in]{me}% me.pdf image file \begin{document} \begin{europecv} % display personal data: \ecvpersonalinfo \end{europecv} \end{document}

(You can download or view this example.) The resulting document is shown in Figure 5.1.

Figure 5.1: Personal Information Section (europecv class)

Europass logo

Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
Surname(s)/First name(s) Polly Parrot
Address(es) 42 The Lane, Some Town, Noshire AB1 2XY, United Kingdom
Telephone(s) 0123456789 Mobile: 0712345678
Email(s) polly.parrot@example.com
Nationality(-ies) British
Date of birth 1970-12-31
Gender female

Page 1 - Curriculum vitae of Polly Parrot

(There is a vertical line between the two columns.) End of Image.

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