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5. Curricula Vitæ (Résumés)

There are a number of classes and packages on CTAN for typesetting a curriculum vitæ (CV) or résumé. [Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)] In fact, there's a surprisingly large list of them on the cv topic page. However, of the LaTeX options (as opposed to Plain TeX) some of them are old LaTeX2.09 styles and some have licence issues which prevent them from being included in TeX Live.1 On the assumption that you're reading this chapter because you want to write a CV and are possibly pressed for time, I decided to describe only two of these options for brevity.

I discounted the non-LaTeX options and the obsolete LaTeX2.09 styles, and additionally discounted those that aren't on TeX Live, since some readers may not want to fiddle around with manual installation. I also discounted bundles that don't have proper documentation (for example, just a README or sample file was provided). Due to my poor multilingual skills, I also discounted bundles that don't have English documentation. This still left me with more than two options to choose from, so my final selection was based on how easy I found it to create a working example from the documentation. The top two were: the currvita package and the europecv class. The former, currvita, is simple and easy to use. The latter, europecv, follows the European Union CV guidelines, although the Europass title and logo can be suppressed for non-EU users. If these don't suit you, or if you are fluent in French, German or Chinese, you may prefer to investigate the other choices listed on the cv topic page.


... Live.1
TeX Live is more restrictive than MiKTeX as it won't include any bundles that don't have an open source licence or don't provide source code for all the documentation. This means that there are some packages or classes that are available on MiKTeX but are not on TeX Live.

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