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datetime2 package FAQ

What are the main differences between datetime and datetime2? 🔗

The main changes are:

  1. All commands except \today and \Today have a prefix to help prevent clashes with other date and time-related packages. For example, \DTMcurrenttime instead of \currenttime.
  2. Commands like \today are designed to be expandable, which means you should be able to use them to write the date/time information to external files, use them in PDF bookmarks or metadata or use them in commands like \MakeUppercase. Styles should protect any fragile commands to assist with this. There may, however, be some supplementary styles in contributed packages that can’t produce expandable dates or styles. In which case this should be mentioned in the documentation for those supplementary packages.
  3. Language support is separated into independently installed and maintained modules. This means you only need to install the modules for your own language(s) rather than having to install everything. It also means that the language support can be maintained by someone who is actually familiar with the language.

2023-04-14 10:15:13

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