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To change a bitmap's properties, select the required bitmap and select the Bitmap->Properties menu item. This will open up a dialog box shown in Figure 7.2. If you want to change the path name to the bitmap, you can either type it directly into the Filename field or click on the Browse button. You can also change the transformation matrix applied to the bitmap link.

Figure 7.2: Bitmap Properties Dialog

If you want to export your picture to a LaTeX file or to a format that uses latex or pdflatex as an intermediate step, the LaTeX command can either be \pgfimage or \includegraphics and is specified in the LaTeX Command field. The command argument in either case must use a forward slash / as the directory divider. If the Auto checkbox is selected, this substitution will be performed automatically by the export function. Alternatively, you can unselect the Auto checkbox which will enable the LaTeX image path field in which you can enter the argument to be used by the image command. If you use the export to PostScript or SVG function, FlowframTk will attempt to create an EPS version of the bitmap (if it doesn't already exist) since latex (as opposed to pdflatex) can't include bitmap formats, such as PNG and JPEG.

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