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flowfram package FAQ

Can I use the formatted page number in page lists? 🔗

No. When the output routine finishes with one flow frame it looks for the next flow frame defined on that page, if there are none left, it then searches through the page list of all the defined flows frames to see if the next page lies in that range, if there are none defined on that page, it ships out that page, and tries the next page. This gives rise to two problems:

  1. LaTeX is not clairvoyant. If it is currently on page 14, and on the next page the page numbering changes to A, it has no way of knowing this until it has reached that point, which it hasn't yet. So it is looking for a flow frame defined on page 15, not on page A.
  2. How does LaTeX tell if page C lies between pages A and D? It would require an algorithm that can convert from a formatted number back to an integer. Given that there are many different ways of formatting the value of a counter (besides the standard Roman and alphabetical formats) it would be impossible to write an algorithm to do this for some arbitrary format.

2013-12-08 17:22:29

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