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glossaries package FAQ

After updating to glossaries v4.50 I'm getting undefined commands or options errors (e.g. \glossaryentryfield) 🔗

The glossaries v4.50 release (2022-10-14) includes new LaTeX3 commands that have only been introduced over the past few years. (The new commands overcome long standing issues, particular with UTF-8.)

There have been many changes to the LaTeX kernel over the past few years, some of which have broken existing packages, which means that old documents may have issues if they are recompiled with the new kernel or with packages that have been updated to use the new kernel commands. (See also Legacy Documents and TeX Live Docker Images.)

Therefore glossaries v4.50 was distributed with rollback to v4.49 and all commands and options that were deprecated over 6 years ago have been removed on the grounds that if you have a document that old, it's probably going to have other issues anyway, and it has helped to clean up the code. (Using them should've triggered deprecated warnings with pre 4.50 versions over the past few years, but it seems that in some cases the warnings didn't occur.)

If you still need to use them, you will have to use rollback:

but be aware that you may encounter other problems more generally if you mix new releases with old code. It's better to switch to the newer commands.

For example, \glossaryentryfield and \glossarysubentryfield were deprecated in v3.08a (2013-09-28) because it simplifies the content written to the indexing files if only the sort value and label are written to the file in the form sort?\glossentry{label} or sort?\subglossentry{level}{label} rather than including the name, symbol and description (which may be lengthy and may contain special characters that require replacing).

As from v3.08a,

should be replaced with
The name can be obtained with \glossentryname{label}, the symbol can be obtained with \glossentrysymbol{label}, and the description can be obtained with \glossentrydesc{label}.


should be replaced with

2022-10-26 14:12:36

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