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Converting a PDF File

On startup, the main window is as shown in Figure 1.

Image mainwindow1
Figure 1: Main Window (Initial View)

  1. Select the PDF file that needs conversion. This can be done via the File->Open... menu item or the open file button Image openicon or the ellipsis button next to the Input File: field. If you haven't already specify the location of GhostScript in the Application Settings dialog, you will be prompted for its location. For example, C:\Program Files\GS\GS8.70\bin\gswin32c.exe or /usr/bin/gs.

    Jmakepdfx will attempt to read the meta data from the PDF file and fill in the author and title fields, which you can modify if you like. Note that sometimes the meta data doesn't get read correctly so make sure you check it. Jmakepdfx will also fill in the page count and file size fields for your information and the default name of the output file. Note that the output file has not been made at this point. If you want to change the name or location of the output file you can do so by editing the file name or selecting the ellipsis button next to the Output File: field. The main window should now look something like Figure 2.

    Image mainwindow2
    Figure 2: Main Window (PDF Loaded)

    Note that if your file size is very large (for example, the document contains many high-resolution raster images) you may need to increase the process time-out value in the Applications Settings dialog before proceeding.

  2. Select Greyscale or CMYK, depending on whether you want to convert your file to grey-scale or CMYK colour space.

  3. Check or uncheck Use ICC depending on whether or not you are required to include an ICC profile. If in doubt, check with your printer company to see if they want an ICC profile included. Some don't.

  4. When you're happy with all the settings, click the Convert button. This will run GhostScript. The page number currently being processed will be displayed at the bottom of the main window, which gives you an idea of how the conversion is progressing.

    On completion, Jmakepdfx will try to open the resulting PDF file using your designated viewer. If you haven't set the PDF viewer in the Application Settings box, you will be prompted for its location. For example, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\AcroRD32.exe or /usr/bin/acroread.

    Note that the resulting PDF file is likely to be bigger than the original.

If you get a "Process timed-out" error, you'll need to increase the maximum process time using the Applications Settings dialog and try again.

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