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Jmakepdfx is a Java GUI that uses GhostScript to convert a PDF file to PDF/X.

Note that PostScript does not support transparency. If your PDF file includes transparent elements, the resulting PDF/X file will end up as a raster image.

Latest Version: 0.4b
Requirements: Java Runtime Environment (at least JRE 7). Ghostscript.
Licence: GPL (Main Code) JLFGR License (Java Look & Feel Graphics Repository License)
Changes: View Change Log
Help (HTML): Manual


Fetch from nearest CTAN mirror or download from here:


Download and run the installer jmakepdfx-0.3b-setup.exe

Unix-Like (Including MacOS X)
  1. Unpack zip file to the directory of your choice. For example:
         unzip -d /usr/local
  2. Add the full path to jmakepdfx/bin to the PATH environment variable.