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Converting a Text Area, Text-Path or Pattern to a Path

To convert the outline of a text area, text-path or pattern to a path, first select the text area, text-path or pattern and select the menu item Transform->Convert Outline To Path. The text will then be converted to a group of paths where each path approximates the shape of the corresponding character. Converting a text area or text-path to a path allows you to:

Note that you will have to ungroup the paths before you can edit them. If you had a gradient paint text colour, the gradient will be applied to each path. You can however, merge the paths, which will apply a single gradient resembling the original text area (see Figure 8.49).

 text2patha text2pathb text2pathc  
 (a) (b) (c)  
Figure 8.49: Converting a text area to a path: (a) original text area; (b) converted to a path; (c) ungroup and merge paths.

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