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Command Line Arguments

FlowframTk can be invoked from a command prompt using:

flowframtk <option-list> <filename 1> ... <filename N>
(You'll need to add FlowframTk's bin subdirectory to your PATH environment variable.)

Note that <option-list> and the filenames may be omitted. Each filename must be either a JDR or an AJR file. This script uses the environment variable JDR_JVMOPTS to pass options to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For example, if you want to run FlowframTk with a maximum size of 128Mb for the memory allocation pool, you can set JDR_JVMOPTS to -Xmx128m:

setenv JDR_JVMOPTS -Xmx128m
The flowframtk script also uses the environment variable FLOWFRAMTK_OPTS to pass options to FlowframTk.3.1 For example, if you always want FlowframTk to start up with the grid showing, you can set FLOWFRAMTK_OPTS to -show_grid:
setenv FLOWFRAMTK -show_grid
Note that these environment variables only have an effect if you use the flowframtk script to run the JRE.

If you can't use the flowframtk script, you can invoke FlowframTk from the command line using (no line breaks):

java <java options> -jar flowframtk.jar <flowframtk options> <filename>
(You may need to include the full pathname to flowframtk.jar.)

The following options are provided:

Don't request printer attributes on startup.
Request printer attributes on startup (default).
Show the grid.
Don't show the grid.
Set the grid lock on.
Don't set the grid lock.
Show the toolbars.
Don't show the toolbars.
Show the status bar.
Don't show the status bar.
Show the rulers.
Don't show the rulers.
Set the paper size. This option must be followed by a string identifying the paper size. Known paper sizes are listed in Table 3.1. Custom sizes can be specified using -paper user <width> <height>, where <width> and <height> must be positive dimensions. Recognised units: pt, bp, in, mm, cm, pc, dd and cc. If the unit is omitted, bp is assumed. Examples:
  • -paper a4r
  • -paper user 8.5in 12in
  • -paper user 600 1000
Enables experimental functions for testing purposes. These functions don't work properly and are not documented.
Disables experimental functions. (Default.)
Enables the debug menu. This menu provides the functions: Debug->Object Info (which displays diagnostic information about the currently selected objects), Debug->Write Log (which writes diagnostic information for all currently open images to a log file in the configuration directory) and Debug->Dump All (which saves all current images to a subdirectory of the configuration directory).
Disables the debug menu (default). However you can still use Shift-F11 and Ctrl-F11 to do the same action as Debug->Write Log and Debug->Dump All, respectively.
Prints the current version to standard output. (Synonyms -version and -v are also available.)
Prints available command line options to standard output. (Synonyms -h and -help are also available.)

Table 3.1: Paper size identifiers for use with -paper command line switch.
a10 A10 portrait a10r A10 landscape
a9 A9 portrait a9r A9 landscape
a8 A8 portrait a8r A8 landscape
a7 A7 portrait a7r A7 landscape
a6 A6 portrait a6r A6 landscape
a5 A5 portrait a5r A5 landscape
a4 A4 portrait a4r A4 landscape
a3 A3 portrait a3r A3 landscape
a2 A2 portrait a2r A2 landscape
a1 A1 portrait a1r A1 landscape
a0 A0 portrait a0r A0 landscape
b10 B10 portrait b10r B10 landscape
b9 B9 portrait b9r B9 landscape
b8 B8 portrait b8r B8 landscape
b7 B7 portrait b7r B7 landscape
b6 B6 portrait b6r B6 landscape
b5 B5 portrait b5r B5 landscape
b4 B4 portrait b4r B4 landscape
b3 B3 portrait b3r B3 landscape
b2 B2 portrait b2r B2 landscape
b1 B1 portrait b1r B1 landscape
b0 B0 portrait b0r B0 landscape
c10 C10 portrait c10r C10 landscape
c9 C9 portrait c9r C9 landscape
c8 C8 portrait c8r C8 landscape
c7 C7 portrait c7r C7 landscape
c6 C6 portrait c6r C6 landscape
c5 C5 portrait c5r C5 landscape
c4 C4 portrait c4r C4 landscape
c3 C3 portrait c3r C3 landscape
c2 C2 portrait c2r C2 landscape
c1 C1 portrait c1r C1 landscape
c0 C0 portrait c0r C0 landscape
letter Letter portrait letterr Letter landscape
legal Legal portrait legalr Legal landscape
executive Executive portrait executiver Executive landscape


... \FlowframTk.3.1
If you have previously used Jpgfdraw, the JPGFDRAW_OPTS environment variable will also be recognised, but any settings in FLOWFRAMTK_OPTS will override those in JPGFDRAW_OPTS.

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