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Into the Lion’s Den Review by Nicola Talbot 🦜

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Into the Lion’s Den Into the Lion’s Den by Stephen E. Talbot. ISBN: 978-0-957218-20-8 (hardback).

5 starReview by Nicola Talbot 🦜 (last modified 2023-06-10)

The author is my brother, so I'm biased! :-) A very detailed and thoroughly researched book. It's approximately 800 pages long and includes a glossary, list of abbreviations, index, bibliography and photographic inserts. There is also a pocket at the back with a family tree. I admit that I'm none too proud of some of my ancestors, but it's a fascinating read for any interested in history, especially the history of Ireland.

Update: I've written a longer review on GoodReads [Link]