A.2 Refreshing the TeX Database

On older TeX distributions you had to refresh the TeX database whenever you installed new classes or packages. With newer installations you don't need to do this if you install them in your <TEXMF-HOME> directory, except under certain circumstances (for example, you're using using a networked drive). If it turns out that TeX can't find a new class or package you have installed in <TEXMF-HOME> you will need to update the database using the texhash (or mktexlsr) application. This is a command-line application, so you need a terminal or command prompt.

For example, on UNIX/Linux, to update <TEXMF-HOME> (the directory ~/texmf) you need to type the following at the command prompt:

texhash ~/texmf

If you are using a modern TeX distribution, such as MiKTeX, TeX Live or MacTeX there should be a package manager that has a package installation and refresh facility. For example, TeX Live comes with the TeX Live Manager (tlmgr or mactlmgr) and recent versions of MiKTeX have an application called MiKTeX Update Wizard which can automatically download and install known packages.

If you experience any problems, contact your system administrator for help or try one of the resources listed in Appendix C. Need More Help?.

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