1.2 Overview

This document is structured as follows:

§2. Some Definitions
defines terms that will be used throughout this document. I strongly suggest that you look through this section before you start so that you understand the terminology used in this document. At the very least, you should read the first part that details how corresponding input and output is displayed in this document—you need to understand the difference between “input” (source code) and “output” (how the source code will appear in the typeset document). Note that it is not always possible to reproduce an exact replica of the output in the HTML version, so if in doubt, look at one of the PDF versions instead, which can be downloaded from this book's home page.

§3. From Source Code to Typeset Output
details the software that you will need to use LaTeX and describes how to use the software.

§4. Creating a Simple Document
shows you how to create a very basic document.

§5. Structuring Your Document
shows you how to create chapters and other sectional units so that you end up with a fully structured document.

§6. The graphicx Package
shows you how to include external image files and how to scale and rotate text.

§7. Floats
describes how to create figures and tables.

§8. Defining Commands
describes how to define your own commands, and redefine existing commands.

§9. Mathematics
describes how to typeset mathematics.

§10. Defining Environments
describes how to define new environments.

§11. Counters
discusses how numbers are stored in counters, how to change their values, and how to define your own counter.

Appendix A. Downloading and Installing Packages
shows you how to download and install additional packages that weren't installed with your TeX distribution.

Appendix B. Common Errors
documents possible errors you may encounter, and gives advice on how to fix them.

Appendix C. Need More Help?
gives pointers on where to go for help.

Throughout this document there are pointers to related topics in the UK List of TeX Frequently Asked Questions (UK FAQ).These are displayed in the text like this:[What is LaTeX?] You may find these resources useful in answering related questions that are not covered in this book.

This book is also available as A4 PDF or 12.8cm x 9.6cm PDF or paperback (ISBN 978-1-909440-00-5).

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