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3. Correspondence

This chapter covers writing letters (including mail merging), envelope labels and faxes. [Letters and the like] There are a number of classes you can use for this purpose. See, for example, the letter topic. (If you're writing in German, you may want to consider dinbrief [8].)

For brevity, this book will only look at four such classes:

This is one of the base LaTeX classes that comes with all TeX distributions. It's not very flexible, but it's simple to use and may suit your purposes if you're happy with the default layout. Since it's one of the base classes, it's stable and shouldn't conflict with common packages.

This is one of the KOMA-Script classes and is included here because the first two volumes in this series looked at other classes in that bundle. This is more complicated to use than letter but is more flexible. At the time of writing this, the current version of the scrlttr2 class is 3.14 (2014-10-28).

This class is less flexible than scrlttr2 but can also be used for memos (see §6.1 Memos) and faxes. At the time of writing this, the current version of the newlfm class is dated 2009-04-11.

This class is more flexible than newlfm but less complicated than scrlttr2 and can also be used to write invoices (see §4.1 Writing an Invoice Using the isodoc Class). At the time of writing this, the current version of the isodoc class is 1.06 (2014-07-26).

Note that it's usually considered inappropriate to have floats within a letter, so letter-style classes, such as letter, scrlttr2 and newlfm, don't define the figure or table environments. You can, however, just use a tabular environment. In this case, you might want to place the tabular environment within the center environment to centre it and produce a small vertical gap above and below. The isodoc class inherits the figure and table environments from the underlying base article class, but that kind of floating material is liable to interfere with the fixed blocks such as the address information.

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