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Why shouldn't I use \include to include my glossary definitions? 🔗

Suppose you've defined all your glossary entries in a file called glossary-defs.tex and you want to use some or all of these entries in your document. The glossaries user guide says that you can use:


to load the file. For example:

You can also use \input{filename} (e.g., \input{glossary-defs}) but you shouldn't use \include{filename}, despite the number of web pages that suggest you can or should.

Although both \input and \include make TeX read the named file, these two commands aren't equivalent. The first, \input, acts as though the contents of the file were written directly in your document in place of the \input command. The other one, \include, does a lot more than this. It

Therefore, if you want to just input the contents of a file, \include is far less efficient than \input, can cause a spurious page break and creates a redundant extra file. So always use either \input or \loadglsentries to load your glossary definitions and only do this in the preamble.

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