Smile for the Camera: a new cybercrime short story ebook.

Book List (Out Of Print)

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[book image] The Private Enemy. fiction / crime / speculative fiction, ISBN 978-1-909440-05-0. Crime/SF novel set in future East Anglia.

[book image] Cuac, Cuac, Cuac. ¡Devuélveme mi sombrero ya! fiction / children’s illustrated, ISBN 978-1-909440-06-7.

[book image] Quack, Quack, Quack. Give My Hat Back! fiction / children’s illustrated, ISBN 978-1-909440-03-6. A little duck’s hat is stolen by the naughty wind.

[book image] The Foolish Hedgehog. fiction / children’s illustrated, ISBN 978-1-909440-01-2. A cautionary tale about road safety and stranger-danger.