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FlowframTk is a vector graphics application written in Java that replaces jpgfdraw. (Essentially, the code from jpgfdraw was refactored, new features were added, and the name was changed.)

You can use FlowframTk to:

Latest Version: 0.8.5
Requirements: Java Runtime Environment (At least Java 7)
Licence: GPL
Languages: Resources: en-GB, en-US and zh. Manual: en-GB and en-US.
Screenshots: View

The export to LaTeX file functions use low-level pgf basic layer commands, which aren't particularly easy to read but are faster to compile than the higher-level commands that require extra processing to parse the syntax and perform additional calculations. The primary purpose of FlowframTK is to provide a graphical interface that can generate complicated code that's hard to write manually.

Download and Install

The current version is an experimental release.
  1. Make sure you have at least version 7 of the Java Runtime Environment (Get Java).
  2. Download the flowframtk installer file flowframtk-0.8.5-installer.jar A new bug has appeared in v0.8.5. Please download v0.8.4 below instead.
  3. Run the flowframtk installer file to install flowframtk. If your operating system associates jar files with java, you may be able to run it by double-clicking on its icon. Otherwise you can run it from a terminal or command prompt using:
    java -jar flowframtk-0.8.5-installer.jar
    If that doesn't work try looking at how to run a .jar file.



Latest version: Download source (.zip) (14937209).

Previous Versions

flowframtk-0.8.4-installer.jar (35862494) (14935934)
flowframtk-0.8.2-installer.jar (40298529) (14935696)
flowframtk-0.8.1-installer.jar (38756660) (14959475)
flowframtk-0.8-installer.jar (38756221) (14944884)
flowframtk-0.7-installer.jar (41890220) (13945511)
jpgfdraw-0.5.6b-setup.exe (41890220) or (21021370) (19487555)