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4.4 Changing the Title Page

Volume 1 described how to lay out the title page using \maketitle. If this layout isn't appropriate for your school or department's specifications, you can lay out the title page manually using the titlepage environment instead of \maketitle. Within this environment, you can use \hspace{<length>} and \vspace{<length>} to insert horizontal and vertical spacing. (The unstarred versions are ignored if they occur at the start of a line or page, respectively. The starred versions will insert the given spacing, regardless of their location.) You can also use \hfill and \vfill, which will expand to fill the available space horizontally or vertically, respectively.


Listing 10:

  A Sample PhD Thesis\par
  A. N. Other\par
 A Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
 School of Something
 University of Somewhere
 July 2013

The result is shown in Figure 4.2. (If you require double-spacing, you may need to wait until after the title page before switching to double-spacing.)

Figure 4.2: Sample Title Page

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