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2.20 Perl

TeX-distributions such as TeX Live and MiKTeX also include some helper applications that you may find useful. For example, texdoc (§1.1. Class and Package Documentation) helps you access installed documentation and makeindex helps generate an index for your document. Some of the helper applications are written in a scripting language called Perl, and you must have the perl application installed to be able to use them. Unix-like operating systems should already have it installed. Windows users can choose between several Perl distributions. The most popular seem to be Strawberry Perl and Active Perl. Perl scripts that come with TeX include: epstopdf (converts Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files to PDF), pdfcrop (crops a PDF file), xindy (a more flexible indexing application than makeindex), texcount (counts the number of words in a LaTeX document) and latexmk (runs LaTeX and any associated applications, such as bibtex, the required number of times to ensure the document is fully up-to-date).

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