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2.2 Output File

The LaTeX application reads in your source code and creates the typeset document, the output file. This book assumes that you will be using the version of LaTeX that produces PDF files (PDFLaTeX). If you are using TeXWorks (see §3. From Source Code to Typeset Output), you need to select the “PDFLaTeX” item from the drop-down list. If you are using TeXnicCenter, select the “LaTeX⇒PDF” build profile. If you are using WinEdt, when you want to build your document click on the button marked “PDFLaTeX” rather than the one marked “LaTeX”. If you are using a terminal or command prompt, use the command pdflatex rather than latex. (TeXnicCenter, WinEdt and using the terminal or command prompt approach are described in the supplemental material.)

This book is also available as A4 PDF or 12.8cm x 9.6cm PDF or paperback (ISBN 978-1-909440-00-5).

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