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2.9 Moving Arguments And Fragile Commands

Certain types of commands, called fragile commands, can seriously mess things up when they are used in what is termed a moving argument. These types of argument are generally those whose contents are copied to another part of the document. For example, section headings appear at the start of a section, but they can also appear in the table of contents. The \footnote command is a fragile command, so

\section{A heading\footnote{with a footnote}}
will cause an error[An extra `}'??].

If there is no other command to use in its place, you should use \protect immediately before the fragile command:

\section{A heading\protect\footnote{with a footnote}}

[Footnotes in LaTeX section headings]This, however, is a contrived example, because it isn't a good idea to have a footnote in a section heading, as it will also end up in the table of contents, and possibly in page headings.

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