5.2 Abstract

The abstract environment is used to create an abstract for the document[1-column abstract in 2-column document]. The way in which the abstract is formatted depends on the class file. The scrreprt class file will put the abstract on a page by itself, some class files will indent the abstract and some will typeset the abstract in italic. Note also that some class files (such as scrbook) don't have an abstract environment. Abstracts traditionally go at the start of the document after the title, so the abstract environment should go after the \maketitle command.

Exercise 9: Creating an Abstract

Try editing your document so that it has an abstract: Modifications are illustrated like this:



\title{A Simple Document}



A brief document to illustrate how to use \LaTeX.

This is a simple \LaTeX\␣document.
Here is the first paragraph.

Here is the second paragraph\footnote{with a footnote}.
As you can see it's a rather short paragraph, but not
as short as the previous one. This document was
created on: \today\␣at \currenttime.

 & \multicolumn{2}{c}{\bfseries Expenditure}\\
 & \multicolumn{1}{c}{Year1} & \multicolumn{1}{c}{Year2}\\
\bfseries Travel & 100,000 & 110,000\\
\bfseries Equipment & 50,000 & 60,000


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