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12.3 Bar Charts

There are a number of bar chart packages listed on the genchart topic. Excluding the LaTeX2.09 entries, at the time of writing they are: bardiag [90], bchart [48] and pst-bar [73]. These three packages are available both on TeX Live and MiKTeX. Two of them, bardiag and pst-bar, use pstricks and the other, bchart, uses tikz. Additionally, the datatool bundle [95] provides the package databar, which can be used to display bar charts of data stored in datatool databases.

As mentioned in §10.4 The pst-barcode Package, the pstricks package uses PostScript code so it can't be used directly with PDFLaTeX, so this section will only cover packages that are driver-independent. Therefore §12.3.1 The bchart Package discusses the bchart package and, since this book has already introduced the datatool package, §12.3.2 The databar Package discusses the databar package, which also uses the tikz package to draw the chart.

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